Execution Services

Ryska Execution Services assists clients in providing end-to-end solution for managing digital transformation initiatives. We leverage technology to create potential impact and determine the best course of action.


CRM & Tower Management System Implementation
PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (Mitratel)
Management Validasi Data Inventory Access
PT. Telkom Indonesia
Digital Transformation - CRM Phase IV - Blueprint Assessment and CM Review
PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (Mitratel)
Digital Transformation - CRM Phase II – Process Improvement, Asset Management Design
Lembaga Manajemen Aset Negara (LMAN)
Strengthening Safety Culture Consultation
Pertamina Aviation

Orchestrating enterprise-wide transformation

Ryska Professional Service (RPS) is committed to orchestrating enterprise-wide transformation through engaging strategic execution. Unable to execute strategic initiatives effectively are among the most difficult and important challenges faced by leaders in any organization. Rooted in the latest execution approach, our Execution Service is a solution designed to drive impactful business outcomes and sustainable transformational change at scale.

Strategic Advisory

  • Strategic Initiative Execution
  • Transformation & Change
  • Data Analytics & Technology
  • Program Delivery & Assurance

Managed Execution

  • PMO & SMO Manage Operation
  • IT & Communication Managed Operation
  • Anything Operating Center (NOC, SOC, ITOC, etc)
  • Application Managed Service
  • Data and Analytics as a Service
  • Business Transformation Managed Execution

Digital Execution

  • System & Process Assessment
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Enterprise Application Service & Modification
  • IT Security & DevSecOps
  • Infrastructure Services
Our Uniqueness

What makes us different?

Experienced in providing total solutions for critical/breakthrough program implementations in several industries

Focus on engagement approach to deliver worry-free project implementation

Commited to orchestrate advisory initiatives and project implementation

Multi-discipline expert resources

“The versatility of Wibbitz allows us to create video for any kind of digital content—making our team more efficient while scaling production.”

Muhammad Chairul Hassan
Chair & CEO Gramedia Indonesia

“The versatility of Wibbitz allows us to create video for any kind of digital content—making our team more efficient while scaling production.”

Muhammad Chairul Hassan
Chair & CEO Gramedia Indonesia

Agus Maulana

VP Pertamina Aviasi
PT. Pertamina Indonesia

Eka Riza

Direktur Operasi Produksi
Pertamina Hulu ENergi (PHE) Holding

Agus Maulana

Pertamina Aviasi merupakan lini bisnis Pertamina yang bergerak dalam bidang pemasaran dan distribusi avtur di dalam Negeri dan di luar Negeri. Adanya isu monopoli penjualan avtur oleh Pertamina yang muncul di sejumlah kalangan pada tahun 2019, telah menarik perhatian Presiden Jokowi untuk membuka peluang pasar avtur bagi perusahaan lain. Untuk mengantisipasi persaingan tersebut, Pertamina Aviasi bekerja sama dengan RPS guna meningkatkan daya saing.

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Eka Riza

Teamwork adalah kunci bagi organisasi meraih tujuan. Beberapa waktu lalu, Ryska Professional Services (RPS) melalui Ryska Academy membantu Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) mengadakan National Senior Leader Workshop untuk menguatkan kerjasama antar anak usaha PHE dalam meraih target produksi perusahaan.

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Rizaldi Winant

Membangun komitmen dan teamwork dari seluruh tim untuk mencapai target produksi tidaklah mudah.Lihat apa yang dikatakan oleh Bapak Rizaldi Winant, General Manager Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) Siak & Kampar tentang pengalaman kolaborasinya dengan RPS pada project Achieving 2019!

Kami berkomitmen untuk membantu customer mengakselerasi transformasi digital dengan tiga solusi inti: Execution Advisory, Ryska Academy, dan Xinergis Platform. Let's create something great together!

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How We Work

Our Execution Service Approach

We are commited to delivering customized Digital Transformation solutions for organizations across Indonesia.


Identify The Problem

Discover critical improvement opportunities, setting a clear vision and objective toward business success.


Ideate & Design a Solution

Define requirements and design the optimal solution using a customer-focused approach to bridge the gap.


Plan Engagement Strategy

Schedule timeline and arrange activities to deliver on time, within budget, and with quality.


Build & Implement Solution

Execute the strategies, balance speed & effectiveness, and ensure the solution answers the identified pains.


Manage Change

Enable change by removing barriers between designed solutions with the designated environments, ensuring ongoing independent delivery.

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